Who We Are

Forensic Security & Protection, LLC is an independent security management consulting firm. We are dedicated to providing expert solutions to your security challenges. Our services are unique in that they incorporate the latest research-based approaches to mitigating security risks. We are always looking forward.

Violent acts are threatening workplaces, concerts, and sporting events, from Europe to North America. Forensic Security & Protection, LLC provides employee situational awareness training, prevention strategies, safety audits, and other services designed to protect your organization and venue from a tragic incident.

Meet Jonathan Kremser

Jonathan Kremser, Ph.D. is Principal Consultant for Forensic Security & Protection, LLC. He provides consultation and training in workplace violence prevention, and physical security to companies, educational institutions, municipalities, and the legal profession. Dr. Kremser has studied and worked with the leading international experts in crime prevention, and his clients benefit from his knowledge of the latest, cutting-edge research. What makes his approach different is that all recommendations are specific to the site, and thoroughly grounded in research.   

Experience and Certifications

Dr. Kremser actively maintains many professional certifications in crime prevention, school safety, and security management. He holds the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation, which is considered the gold standard for highly experienced professionals within the security industry. He has also completed active assailant response training with the National Association of School Resource Officers.

In 2020, he earned the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Professional Designation, which is the recognized standard for CPTED practitioners. A CPTED consultant ensures the proper design of structures, schools, and neighborhoods to reduce fear and incidence of crime, leading to an improvement in quality of life.

Dr. Kremser holds a bachelor’s degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in criminology from the University of Ottawa, and a master’s and Ph.D. in criminal justice from Rutgers University.