Corporate Security

Around the world, violent acts can seriously threaten workplaces. Thankfully, Forensic Security & Protection, LLC provides practical resources to aid employees in a delicate situation. We provide a variety of services that will be useful in the workplace, such as:

Special Event Security

Special events such as sports games, concerts, or conferences tend to attract large crowds of people, and the responsibility of keeping those people safe completely falls on the venue’s shoulders. Forensic Security & Protection, LLC provides resources to further the safety of those who attend special events, including:

School Security

Unfortunately, even in a place where children and teenagers should feel safe, tragic incidents can occur. Over the last decades, we have seen that school-related incidents can happen anywhere, and being well-prepared can be very beneficial. Forensic Security & Protection, LLC can help in making our school safer. See some of our school security services bleow.

Forensic Security & Litigation

Forensic Security & Protection, LLC prides itself on providing high-quality service and working seamlessly with clients to resolve any issues. The services we offer in the forensic security & litigation sector include: