Guns and Security 1

Guns and Security

Security professionals must be aware of the risks they face in the workplace from firearms. It is estimated that there are more than 393 million civilian-owned firearms in America. In 2020 alone, Americans purchased over 40 million guns, which is higher than any year on record.

Security and other asset protection personnel are at elevated risk of being targeted by armed offenders, seriously injured in violent assaults, and caught in the crossfire of an accidental shooting from the larger number of guns in the untrained hands of the public. This risk has only increased since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. The American public in general has experienced higher levels of stress and anxiety since 2020. Many Americans who are already apprehensive about crowded venues because of COVID-19, are likely to continue avoiding concerts, sporting events, and shopping centers because of the added risk of gun violence. It will be the responsibility of security professionals to work with businesses to reassess security protocols.

Police are traditionally reactive to crime. They arrive in the aftermath of a shooting, establish the crime scene, and conduct the investigation. With police departments currently understaffed and overwhelmed, a delayed response could result in even more casualties. The presence of security professionals who are highly trained, have situational awareness, and are operationally capable of responding to an armed threat, is essential for businesses to reassure the public that it safe to return to the venues it once enjoyed.