Reinforcing Glass Entryways 1

Reinforcing Glass Entryways

Glass entrances can be a target for burglars, rioters, vandals, and active assailants. The March 2023 shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee demonstrated the vulnerability, as the shooter used a rifle to shoot through two sets of doors and gained entry to the school within 10 seconds. In 2012, the shooter at the Sandy Hook Elementary school also fired through the entrance area, and easily entered the school after the tempered glass crumbled. Reinforcing the glass with cost effective security window film would have delayed entrance for up to several minutes, buying time for lockdowns, evacuations, and law enforcement to arrive and neutralize the attacker. The Federal Commission on School Safety and the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission reports recommend the installation of security window film for schools. Following the 2022 shooting at the Robb Elementary school in Texas, the Texas Education Agency mandated the installation of safety and security window film. It is important to note that window film is NOT “bullet-proof.”  The installation of Level-7 or Level-8 ballistic glass, which is designed to withstand a round from an AR-15 rifle, is bullet-resistant, but cost prohibitive for most districts at $400 per square foot. A security consultant can make the necessary recommendations. In the Nashville shooting, 8 to 15 mil security film, properly installed, would have held the glass in place, delaying the shooter’s entry long enough for police to arrive.