Illegal Car Meets Creating Havoc for Businesses 1

Illegal Car Meets Creating Havoc for Businesses

It’s the weekend, and your facility is closed and there are no employees on site. Suddenly, at 7:00 Saturday evening, a seemingly endless stream of cars enters the empty parking lot. Within minutes, the cars begin racing and driving recklessly in circles, often with passengers hanging out of the windows. Spectators on the sidelines are recording the event with their cell phones for later posting to their social media accounts. This is an illegal car meet, which often takes place within retail or commercial parking lots after hours.

These pop-up events have become more common over the past year and can result in serious injury or even death. These gatherings can negatively impact your business. The events cause extensive damage to the parking lots and other property, and the crowds often engage in public urination, littering, and drug use. Police say these pop-up drifting and racing meets are organized through social media, and often target private parking areas that typically are not occupied on the weekend. If you have an open parking lot, Forensic Security & Protection, LLC can make recommendations to prevent these dangerous meets from occurring at your facility. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation discussion!